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I have been aware of GrillGrates for some time now but until recently had never tried them. I mean how different can a grill grate be, right? So I decided to order a set for my Weber Genesis gas grill and try them out.

According to the manufacturer, GrillGrates are made from structural grade aluminum which is hard anodized (a natural hardening process) to create an extremely durable, ultra hard surface that is a much better conductor of heat than steel or cast iron. GrillGrates are more efficient and will never rust. The panels form a plate with raised rails and holes through the plate between the rails. The rails amplify the heat source, converting it into infrared heat at the tip of the rails. The plates concentrate the heat below the panels and evens out temperatures across the grill, eliminating hot spots.


GrillGrates are interlocking panels 5 3/4" wide and available in a variety of lengths. They can either be laid on top of existing grill grates or replace them. I decided to order replacement grates. The existing grates on a Weber Genesis grill are 19 3/4" long. The closest standard length is 20". For $5 more, panels can be ordered custom cut. I ordered 5 panels cut to 19 3/4" length. Five panels are an exact fit width wise. I removed the existing grates and replaced them with the GrillGrates.

20140719_182329 20140719_182202


GrillGrates can be turned over to form a griddle surface. This works great for grilling vegetables or chopped or sliced meats. For the first cook I decided to use the griddle to make chicken, and carne asada (beef) fajitas. First I grilled some sliced onions and poblano chiles. Next I cooked the carne asada followed by some marinated chicken. Finally I warmed the flour tortillas on the griddle.


20140719_184720 20140719_190404

20140719_191515 20140719_192204

I have used the perforated grilltop pans that sit on the grill grates for grilling vegetables, but the GrillGrate griddle is much more convenient. You can flip over as many panels as you need, depending on the amount to be grilled. The grill surface can be a combination of griddle and grilling rails by flipping only some of the panels. Next I grilled some Copper River salmon filets along with some asparagus. I cooked them both at the same time with 3 of the panels flipped over as a griddle. After a few cooks I have settled on this configuration for my grill, two panels flipped over for a griddle and the other three as a grill.

20140726_190934 Dsc_5610

I have also grilled steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs. They all came out great! One of the things I don't like about most gas grills is that they don't get hot enough. With the GrillGrates, the heat problem is solved. Heat is held beneath the panels and conducted up through the rails. Steaks can be seared over a very hot grill which makes for excellent grill marks. And the best part is NO MORE FLAREUPS. Now while grilling an expensive steak I can run into the house to get something without worrying about returning to an inferno and blackened steaks.


And they make awsome grill marks!


I highly recommend this product. If you have a grill then you need GrillGrates. It's not very frequently these days that I buy a product and think it's worth every penny paid, but in this case it's definitely true. I like them so much I ordered another set for my Pitmaker MVP Tailgater charcoal grill. Check back for my review of the grill grates on a charcoal grill. GrillGrates