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Affordable Custom-made Barbecue Pits, Grills, Smokers, Tailgating Barbecue Grills and Smokers, Mobile, Catering & Concession Trailer BBQ Pits, Rubs and Sauces
Great and audacious smoking wood
Custom smokers, pits and grills
Caribbean Barrrr-B-Q Rubs & Seasonings
Gators Claws™--The Ultimate Kitchen and Grill Hand Tool for Lifting, Holding, Shredding Meats, and Tossing Pasta\'s and Salads
2005 Great American BBQ Peoples Choice Champion
BBQ Smokers and Fire Pits
The Afterburner
PowerDraft - A breakthrough in BBQ
Cast iron grate for your Weber kettle
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The Pit Pal
Create consistently awesome BBQ with the help of your mobile device! The Pit Pal is a BBQ application for your Android mobile device built with the end goal of being able to help users produce more consistent BBQ. BBQ Guru and Stoker supported.
Bondat Foods
Bondat Foods offers two seasoning mix flavors: All Purpose and Taco Night. We craft the flavors of our seasoning mixes in small batches for all your grilling, barbecue and cooking needs. Whether it's a school night roast chicken, burgers on the grill or
Alpha Pitt Smokers
Alpha Pitt Smokers Professional Tailgaters for Hire. Catering Concessions and Competition BBQ Team. Catering Onsite wherever whenever bringing the freshest hottest food to your event. Run locally out of Williamsburg Va. For more information contact us on
Peppers of Texas
Peppers of Texas has a variety of the best in fiery hot foods. Hot Sauces, BBQ and Wing Sauces, Salsas and Dips. Our blog at features our recipe collection.
Year of the BBQ
Year of the BBQ is an informational BBQ site with cooking tips, book reviews, competition information, product reviews and BBQ related cooking gear and supplies available for purchase. Follow Timothy Monday on his trip from an engineering office job to t
The Smart Guide to HealthyGrilling
This website expands on my book, The Smart Guide to Healthy Grilling, featuring recipes, techniques, nutritional information in a lively format for busy people, for weight-conscious families, and for those who care about healthy eating as a lifestyle.
Tilley H-D Biker Blues BBQ Rally and BBQ Classic
Over $13000 in Prize money. Best event ever! Teams and Vendors welcome.
Sullivan's is a family owned and operated business. Sullivan's has been creating great meals and great memories for more than a decade. Call Sullivan's today; we'll take care of everything. With Sullivan's you don't need to worry about a thing.
Ink & Embers, Because Life Is Better Wood Fired.
My site is dedicated to all things Wood Fired. Most of it is recipes and photos, as you will see, but I also write stories that can be considered "campfire" type stories, the kind you can share, reminisce about, and just enjoy. "Because I believe that li
Tombstone BBQ
I am building a site for our competition BBQ team, it will have results, recipes, blog, and pictures from the comps.
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Hickory Hanks Barbq
Custom bar-b-q catering
Gateway BBQ Store
We are an online store and have a storefront location which carries competition style rubs, sauces, injections. Also carry Rebel Smokers, Fast Eddy Cookshack and tools and accessories. We want to promote BBQ in our area and are expanding everyday.
The Sinder Pit
Small time BBQ cook's information site. Some catering and occassional competitions.
Bar JH Bar-B-Q
Competition BBQ teams turns to fully catering business in Ventura County, California
Barbecue Top 10 lists, BBQ restaurant ratings, rib rankings and all the rest of it are, as the Buddhists would say, illusion. There is no best barbecue, anymore than there is a best symphony or a best painting. The website is about the art, the
Barbecue Bros
Three Bros from High Point, NC on a mission to experience barbecue, in all forms, at any establishment we can find. We'll eat it, we'll rate it, and we'll rank it all for the common good.
Coffin Pits
We want to make available to our customers a product which is hand made and built to last. If you're looking for a Crawfish/Crab Burner, Bar-B-Q Pit/Smoker, or Custom Home or Mobile Rig, then you're at the right place. Our prices are fair, however, if yo
Hōmdoor Tandoori Grill
The Hōmdoor (pronounced home door) is a tandoori grill, or clay oven, designed for home use. The Hōmdoor creates heat between 400-850°F that quickly sears and cooks food, allowing it to be moist, tender and infused with the flavors of the grill and marina
Ang & Petes BBQ
Ang & Pete's BBQ is a family owned BBQ catering company in Davis California.
PowerDraft - A breakthrough in BBQ