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John Willingham's World Champion Bar-B-Q PDF Print E-mail

by: John Willingham

Bar-B-Q aficionados from around the world pilgrimage to Memphis for John Willingham's famous, braggin' rights Bar-B-Q. Feisty debates have erupted right there, in the midst of fire and smoke, over whether Willingham's ribs with Memphis-style sauce or his World Champion Brisket rubbed with Hot Seasoning are his best. And no one goes home before they've had his gooey, rich shoofly pie.

Authentic Bar-B-Q is as American as the Fourth of July, but often it takes a search party to find the real thing. Now, for the first time, John Willingham, winner of more major grand champion Bar-B-Q awards than anyone else in history, shares his celebrated recipes for a complete Bar-B-Q feast. At the heart of this book are Willingham's acclaimed recipes for mouthwatering beef, pork, fish, and chicken Bar-B-Q. Here are clear instructions for determining what type of cooker to use; laying a perfect fire to minimize smoke and maximize taste; preparing and using assorted dry rubs and marinades; getting a rich, marbled taste out of any cut of meat. The result is such triumphs as Grilled Pork Loin Roast, tender on the inside, golden on the outside; fresh, subtle Herbed Shrimp with Basil; Honey Mustard-Glazed Ribs that can be prepared in a snap; and Hot Sauce-Marinated Chicken.

But it's not just the perfectly prepared meats and sauces on which Willingham lavishes special attention. No Bar-B-Q feast would be complete without starters, salads, fixin's, slaws, and dessert. And Willingham has the blue ribbon recipes for them all. Take, for example, his Smokin' Fastball Wings cooked over hickory or apple wood, melt-in-your-mouth Angel Biscuits, or stand-up spicy Cajun Coleslaw. To cool off, there's Grandma's Raisin Bread Pudd'n with Rum Sauce, Old-Fashioned Custard Pie, or rich Maple Sauce spooned over ice cream, to mention just a few, for dessert.

John Willingham explains what real Bar-B-Q is -- and isn't -- and provides the techniques and tips that have won him accolades but are so simple even a backyard 'cuer can use them. Down-home and authentic, John Willingham's World Champion Bar-B-Q is the sourcebook for weekend enthusiasts and world-class chefs ready to follow in the Willingham tradition of creating delicious Bar-B-Q masterpieces.

About The Author:

John Willingham is the most acclaimed Bar-B-Q chef in the world. A Memphis native, he has created his own line of sauces, rubs, and marinades and invented the famous W'ham Turbo Cooker.
Where There's Smoke There's Flavor PDF Print E-mail

by: Richard W. Langer

In this comprehensive book for people who love grilling, Richard Langer introduces a whole new world of flavorful barbecued food -- from meat, poultry, and fish to vegetables, accompaniments, and appetizers. Meat recipes include pork dishes such as Chili Chops, Five-Spice Ribs, and Pork Pecan Roll with Maple Sauce, as well as beef and lamb dishes like Oriental Flank Steak, Smokeburgers, and Roti Leg of Lamb. Poultry specialties include Jamaican Jerked Chicken Breasts, Turkey Kabobs, and Orange-Glazed Game Hen with Watercress Stuffing. A seafood chapter explains how to smoke salmon, bluefish, scallops, shrimp, and more. To accompany the main dish, Langer suggests smoked vegetables sucha as stuffed tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and corn on the cob, as well as irresistible appetizers like Chicken Snaps and Simple Caesar Zucchini.

Langer assesses smoking equipment from the classic multilevel silo cooker to the modified Weber, and offers a simple trick for converting your gas or electric grill to a true slow-cooking barbecue machine. And he covers such techniques as how to gauge and achieve the correct temperature for smoking as well as how to choose varieties of wood for the enhancement of different flavors. Langer includes a source guide for commercial sauces, exotic woods and chips, a selection of smokers, and handy smoking tools and gadgets.

About The Author:

Richard Langer is the author of the bestselling The Bread Machine Bakery Book, More Recipes for Your Bread Machine Bakery, and Bread Machine Sweets. He is the former gardening columnist for the New York Times and the author of several gardening books, including The After-Dinner Gardening Book and Grow It!
The Ultimate Barbecue Sauce Cookbook PDF Print E-mail

by: Jim Auchmutey & Susan Puckett

Every barbecue lover knows that sauce is more than a condiment. That splash of flavor represents tradition, family, pride in place, the eternal quest for the perfect balance between ting and tang.

This cookbook, the first dedicated exclusively to barbecue sauce, includes 100 recipes showing the variety of ways people everywhere express themselves through their saucepans. It's all here: tomato sauces, mustard sauces, vinegar marinades, bourbon mops, fruit bases, white sauce, black dip, dry rubs -- plus a mail-order guide to some of America's most unusual sauces.

The recipes come from cook-ott champions, chefs, celebrities, famous barbecue houses and other people who simply have become obsessed with sauce. Like the fellow who couldn't pay his restaurant bill and left a sauce recipe instead. Or the man who says his sauce was revealed to him by God in a dream.

Full of recipes and spiced with lore, The Ultimate Barbecue Sauce Cookbook is sure to make any barbecue fan's juices flow.

About The Authors:

Jim Auchmutey is a reporter and national award winning food writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He co-edited the book True South.

Susan Puckett, executive food editor of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, has won numerous awards for food writing and edition. She is the author of A Cook's Tour of Mississippi and A Cook's Tour of Iowa.
Smoke & Spice PDF Print E-mail

by: Cheryl Alters Jamison & Bill Jamison

One of the first real Bar-B-Q cookbooks, for people who cook on smokers and other wood-burning equipment... with more than 300 recipes!

Real Barbecue, one of the treasures of home-grown American cooking, once was the specialty of a few chefs and aficionados. Now, thanks to the ready availability of smoke cookers -- water smokers, wood-fired pits, and kettle grills -- millions of Americans are cooking outstanding "Q" right at home. Smoke & Spice is the cookbook for them, with over 300 mouth-watering recipes and expert tips on how to get the best results from any kind of barbecue equipment.

About The Authors:

Cheryl and Bill Jamison are distinguished travel and food writers and authorities on American regional cooking. They have also written The Rancho de Chimayo Cookbook and Texas Home Cooking.
Barbecued Ribs, Smoked Butts and Other Great Feeds PDF Print E-mail

by: Jeanne Voltz

Now in paperback, this classic barbecue book -- with 225 great recipes -- gives us the fruits of a lifetime of testing, eating, and enjoying good barbecue. Jeanne Voltz, one of the best-known food writers in the country, gathers the best regional recipes from across America, from Alabama, the Carolinas, and Florida to California and the Southwest. It's all here: barbecued ribs, beef, fish, chicken, lamb, game; seasonings and sauces that give barbecue its regional flavors; kettle foods and "go-alongs" (Garlic Grits on the Grill, Chile Cornbread); and "after the barbecue" dessert ideas (Toasted Marshmallow Sundaes, Peach-Blackberry Compote). And to get you started the right way, Jeanne Voltz outlines all the essentials: equipment, accessories, building a good fire, and cooking techniques - including smoking. Laced with personal stories about great roadside joints and barbecue lore, Barbecued Ribs, Smoked Butts, and Other Great Feeds captures the spirit and flavor of America's love for outdoor cooking.

About The Author:

Jeanne Voltz was born in Collinsville, Alabama. She was the food editor at Woman's Day magazine and for many years edited as well the food pages at the Los Angeles Times and the Miami Herald. She is the author of several books, including The California Cookbook, The Flavors of the South, and with Caroline Stuart, The Florida Cookbook. She has won a Tastemaker Award three times and is a six-time winner of the Vesta Award for newspaper food editing and writing. Mrs. Voltz has also won numerous other feature and food writing awards. She lives in Pittsboro, NC, where whe is a food consultant, writer and freelance editor.
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