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Fix-It and Enjoy-It! Healthy Cookbook PDF Print E-mail

by: Phyllis Pellman Good with nutritional expertise from Mayo Clinic

Technically this isn't a barbecue cookbook, however it contains many recipes that would make excellent side dishes as well as oven recipes that could easily be adapted to a barbecue pit or smoker. It never hurts to eat healthier and many of these recipes can provide tasty, healthy meals for those days when there is no barbecue available or you just want a healthy accompaniment to your barbecue meal. Written by Phyllis Pellman Good, a bestselling New York Times author, together with the prestigious Mayo Clinic whose dietitians analyzed all the recipes for their nutritional value, this cookbook proves that meals can be tasty, quick and healthy.

I loaned the book to a vegetarian friend who had these comments:

"Thoroughly enjoyed browsing this book and trying some recipes. As a vegetarian, and believer of healthy eating, I found that most recipes met my needs or could easily be adapted.

I found that the Equivalent Measurements page contained more equivalents than the usual 4 quarts=1 gallon type...some of these equivalents I had not seen before. The Salt Substitute Herb Mixtures were useful, especially in the combinations of specific herbs. The "Tips" feature spattered throughout the book was very informative and per-serving analysis for each recipe was very helpful.

All in all, Fix-It and Enjoy It is a book full of a variety of easily made healthy recipes for anyone interested in a healthier way of eating."

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