The Smoke Ring - All You Need to Know About BBQ
The Afterburner
PowerDraft - A breakthrough in BBQ
Cast iron grate for your Weber kettle
Your one stop shop for the backyard chef!
The ORIGINAL custom BBQ Grill Cover, Custom Smoker and Island Covers, Custom Outdoor Covers and Commercial Covers.
Custom smokers, pits and grills
Weber Grill Parts - Let\'s Get That Grill Fixed!
Gators Claws™--The Ultimate Kitchen and Grill Hand Tool for Lifting, Holding, Shredding Meats, and Tossing Pasta\'s and Salads
2005 Great American BBQ Peoples Choice Champion

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Rick's Ragin' BBQ Products
Rick's Ragin' BBQ products are national award winners in both Chile Pepper Magazine's "Fiery Food Challenge" and the National BBQ Association's "Awards of Excellence".
Southern Barbecue
Links to all things Barbecue! Backyard and commercial or competition grills, recipes, competitions, teams and all things to do with "Q"!
The Original Fire Pie Company
A Fire Pie is a ready to burn real wood camp fires in a recyclable aluminum shell. 100% natural and safe for cooking. Deep Dish BBQ Pie available for barbecueing, roasting or smoking. Custom sizes for large jobs. Packed with emerg extinguisher.
JMJ Sales
How to build your own horizontal bbq smokers! We have 2 ebooks available on cd which have instructions for building backyard smokers or trailer mounted units. The BBQ cd also has hundreds of bbq recipes! We also custom print caps for bbq teams and others.
The Canadian Barbecue Forum
This barbecue forum is set up to help Canadians that are interested in barbecue & barbecue competitions to learn from each other and get in touch with other Canadian barbecuers, EH. At any time feel free to post information about barbecue competitons!
Alder Wood Chips - 20lb. Bag Supplies For Smokehouses, Barbecues, & Gourmet Smokers
Bulk Alder wood supplies for barbecue and smoking Gourmets.
Pig Out Publications
Pig Out Publications is the only publishing company in the world specializing in BBQ & grill cookbooks. We carry over 200 titles on the subject of BBQ in our warehouse and we offer FREE SHIPPING in the Continental U.S.!
Barbecue recipes, sauces and tips! Non-Commercial. BBQ recipes as well as complimentary other types of recipes including... FLUBBER!
Kelly's Recipes
Recipe Trading Place
Barbecue Joe
For San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area barbecuers, Barbecue Joe is the local supplier of Traeger Wood Pellet Grill products.
Carbondale Pork District
BBQ team web site competing in KCBS sanctioned events.
Vick's Flaming Pig Sauce
The Flaming Pig site features The NBBQA Mark of Excellence 2002 1st vingegar mild Chicken & Rib Sauce and Pork Sauce 5th place. Members of NBBQA. Chicken & Rib Sauce won second place in Fiery Food Challange vinegar mild for 2003.
BBQ Lodge
A web site to share BBQ cooking experiences.
The Sausage Source
Providing businesses and the public with everything needed to make their own sausage, jerky, hams, and cured meats; including casings, seasonings, meat grinders, sausage stuffers, jerky kits, rubs, sauces, equipment, barbecuing supplies, etc.
Obie-Cue's Texas Spice
Obie-cue's makes & sells 20 unique Dry Rubs and Seasonings including 3 World's Champions (the ONLY 3-time winner of the American Royal). Real Texas BBQ from a real Texan, for anything you cook. Site includes tips, info, commentary and links.
Iron Q - Worlds best BBQ source
Worlds Best Source for BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Hot Sauces for the Collector, Marinades, Rubs, Recipes and Gift Baskets.
Backyard Barbecue
This site focuses the art of whole hog barbecue over a pit of coals with a sideline of turkey frying, jerky making and other related topics.
Texas Barbeque - Genuine Slow Smoking
Texas Barbeque specializes in genuine Texas style slow smoked barbeque. A full service caterer, we also provide a blacksmith service for professional BBQ pitmasters. We are collecting information for a book about native Texas BBQ pitmasters.
The Sowpranos Competition BBQ Team
The Sowpranos Competition BBQ site,links,pictures,recipes,cookoffs and anything linked to the world of BBQ
Uncle Bob's Country Seasoning
Commercial site selling Dry rub and seasonings. Recipes are listed along with future plans for event content and calendar.
PowerDraft - A breakthrough in BBQ