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The Gentleman's Guide to Swine Dining in Georgia
This site provides reviews of restaurants in the Atlanta area and Georgia. Emphasis is placed not just on the food, but on the cultural aspects of barbecue as well.
Big Daddie's Bar-b-que Sauce
A bold and spicey Sauce best described as a West Memphis Style. All natural and home made to boot. A must for any Bar-b-que fanatic.
Vic's Bar-B-Que & Catering
Vic's Bar-B-Que located in Austin Texas offers Oak Smoked BBQ as well as catering in the Central Texas area.
Pappy's Bar-B-Que & Catering
Try our Award-Winning Texas BBQ.... "You don't need teeth to eat our meat!!!"
Grill Wizard Custom Grill Brushes and Accesssories
Grill Wizard offers two very unique BBQ Grill Brushes and a detachable spatula attachement as well as lots of accessories and grill supplies.
Ugly Brothers Barbeque
The Ugly Brothers are a competition BBQ team from Sierra Madre, CA. The Ugly Brothers pursue the inner peace and tranquillity through the artistic and scientific practice of slow smoked pig meat.
Howard's Yummies
Homemade and commercial food products from deep in the heart of Texas. Try our own hot sauces, salsa and seasonings or Tex-Mex favorites like Gebhardt Chili Powder, REO BBQ Seasoning, Tony Chachere's Cajun seasoning, corn husks for tamales and much more.
FastrFire - Breathe life into any fire!
FastrFire is a hand-held battery-operated air gun designed to accelerate fires in charcoal grills and wood burning fireplaces and stoves. Customers report other handy uses as well. An essential for the BBQ aficionado. Made in Texas--sold worldwide.
Planet Gaz Guide to the Q
Smokin' links compiled by the Planet Gaz Hot Foods Council to better assist the BBQ enthusiast in search of the BBQ perfection. Find the best restaurant, recipe, smoker, company site in an easy quick to find galaxian guide to smokin' heaven on the hog!
The Bar None Ranch
This is a pseudo-serious barbecue, chili and other cooking site. It has some tongue-in-cheek comments about the various cookers and or techniques. It is not intended to downput anyone, rather to stimulate discussion.
The Q-Master's Companion Barbecue Book
A book of barbecue technique written by a certified barbecue judge covering cooker design, fuels, ingredients, tips and tricks. Useful to the beginner as well as the experienced BBQ cook.
Wicked Good Charcoal
Wicked Good "Competition Blend" Lump excellent hot, low ash, dense long-lasting charcoal. "Weekend Warrior Blend" Lump Charcoal... easy-to-light, hot burning charcoal - perfect for smoking, long cooks and all your weekend grilling!
Irish Bar-B-Q
A tradition of atmosphere and flavor re-created for today's gourmet griller - tomorrow. The aroma's pure , the flavor's just heaven! Creates an 'Instant Ireland' atmosphere with rapid aroma and flavor to lightly grilled delicacies.
Barbecue Buddy for Your BBQ Grill
A convenient tool used to easily apply barbeque sauce to food without the mess. Sauce flows smoothly through the bristles instead of pour and spread. Fits most standard BBQ sauce jars. For indoor or outdoor grilling. Includes a snap on lid for storage.
Gas Grill Warehouse
We specialize in Gas Grills, Lights, Log sets, BBQ accessories, and repair parts for most grills and lights on the market today.
Atomic Blast Hot Sauces
Atomic Blast Hot Sauces offers a multitude of Hot Sauces, Shakes, BBQ Sauces , Salsa and other Hot Sauce related items including our own Atomic Blast Hot Sauce and Iowa Farmstead BBQ Sauce!
Adirondack Smokehouse Barbecue Company
Located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains at the Snowy Mountain Inn, Indian Lake, NY. Serving southern BBQ with a northern touch.
Snowy Mountain Inn
Home of the Adirondack Smokehouse Barbecue Company. A full sevice BBQ restaurant with on and off premise catering. has been established to distribute worldwide the 'Done to a Turn' spit roaster manufactured in the UK.
The Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick
The site is devoted to The Keener Wiener Rotisserie Stick. A revolutionary, handheld, fireside rotisserie, the benefits of owning one have everything to do with enhanced safety, function, utility and versatility. Videos and testimonials show how.
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