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Barbecue Chicken PDF Print E-mail

A family favorite is barbecue chicken. This inexpensive meat is easy to barbecue with consistent results. The process
for chicken is very similar to other meats. We'll cook both thighs and whole chickens. The thighs we'll marinate overnight,
the whole chickens we'll split in half and rub with a BBQ rub. Many cooks like to cook chicken at high temperatures. We
cook barbecue chicken low and slow for a deep smoky flavor that you don't get with fast cooked chicken.

To prepare the thighs, wash well and trim off any excess fat and skin.

Raw Chicken Thighs

We'll marinate the thighs overnight. Put the chicken and your favorite marinade into a zip lock bag and put into the refrigerator.

We are using Head Country Marinade which is an excellent marinade. It is available from Head Country. Goya brand Mojo Criollo
is also an excellent chicken marinade as well as Italian salad dressing.

Marinating chicken

Now we'll prepare the whole chicken. Wash the chicken thoroughly inside and out. Trim any excess fat or skin.

Whole raw chicken

We are going to split the chicken in half. Barbecue chicken will be more flavorful and cook more evenly if it is cut into halves.
Start by splitting the chicken down the center of the breast bone using a sharp knife.

Raw chicken split into halves

Next, cut along either side of the backbone to separate the chicken halves. Save the backbone pieces for making chicken stock.

Raw chicken split into halves

We now have two nice chicken halves ready to go.

Raw chicken halves

Rub the chicken on both sides with a BBQ spice rub. It's best to apply the rub and then keep the chicken in the refrigerator
overnight so the flavors can penetrate. We recommend The Smoke Ring Championship BBQ Rub.

Chicken halves with BBQ rub

Remove the chicken thighs from the marinade and spread on a cutting board or cookie sheet.

Marinated chicken thighs

Sprinkle the thighs lightly with a BBQ rub.

Chicken thighs with BBQ rub

Put the chicken into the smoker or grill. If cooking on a grill, cook offset by putting the chicken on one side and the charcoal
on the other. Keep the smoker between 225 and 250 degrees. At these temperatures we cook the thighs for four hours and
the half chickens for six hours. Start the chicken skin side down. The skin on the bottom will hold the juices in the chicken
and they will turn out moist and juicy. About 3/4 of the way through cooking turn the chicken to finish skin side up. About 1/2
way through cooking start basting the chicken occasionally. On these thighs we used a mixture of 50% BBQ sauce and
50% apple juice.

Chicken thighs in the smoker

We basted the chicken halves with apple juice only.

Chicken halves in the smoker

These are the finished thighs. Before serving brush with a coating of Smoke Ring Championship BBQ Sauce. Heat the sauce first. If you like your BBQ sweet try mixing a little honey with the sauce.

Barbecued chicken thighs

The half chickens are also done and have a nice, smoky color. Serve the chicken halves with warmed Smoke Ring
Championship BBQ Sauce
on the side. It's so good that you may want to eat it without sauce.

Barbecued chicken halves

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