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Stimulated by cable TV programming, particularly on the Food Network, interest in cooking traditional, slow-smoked barbecue has increased tremendously over the past few years. The Kansas City Barbeque Society is the largest organization in the world for sanctioning barbecue competitions. The number of KCBS sanctioned contests has grown from just 94 in 2000 to 223 in 2006. Not only has the number of competitions grown, but the number of participants in each event has increased significantly as well. This growing interest in barbecue is a worldwide, not just US, phenomenon. A recent report by IGD research shows that 51% of Britons now cook barbecue at home. In 2005, the outdoor barbecue market reached almost $2.6 billion., founded in 1996, is one of the most popular independent barbecue sites on the internet. gives you the ability to focus your advertising campaign on a loyal and rapidly growing community of barbecue enthusiasts eager to support businesses that advertise on the site! Web surfers come to the Smoke Ring site looking for one thing, barbecue information and products. A highly receptive audience like this is the cornerstone for a successful Internet advertising campaign. The Smoke Ring provides the most cost effective mechanism available for reaching your target audience with focused advertising. We offer your barbecue business a great advertising value because you pay a flat rate per month instead of paying per click or by the numer of times your ad is displayed.

Interest in The Smoke Ring online BBQ discussion forum has grown rapidly with thousands of registered members and over 660,000 articles posted. Your ad is displayed on every page of the forum.

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