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Google posted a menu from 2 years ago, drama

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PostPosted: Mar 15 2016    Post subject: Google posted a menu from 2 years ago, drama Reply with quote

We have had customers harassing us to honor a menu google posted that was from 2 years ago. We usually give folks a total and pick up time for call in order and some folks have given us a hard time for not honoring unofficial prices they found. We have given all our employees a $2 an hour mandated raise and had food and operating costs go up since that version. So on Friday a fellow came in to pick up his order and had not gotten a total. When we train new employees we write the order and then have them input it into the computer. He was not happy. I came up to deal with it. I apologized and told him this was not our menu, anyone can post a menu or coupon. Not implying he did it just that there are unofficial versions out there. For this reason we do not have coupons and only allow links of our menu for social media. He took the order and left. Shortly after I got an alert of a posting on the community facebook page with a picture of the receipt and the online menu and a shortened version of our conversation. This blew up into a bitch session between the online community. 80 plus % for us or the industry in general. I try not to get involved in most comments online, but when someone gives us a negative online review or just leave a 1 star with no comment I feel compelled to enlighten those who may read an unfair post. The thread ended up being 150 posts long before the original poster was embarrassed enough to delete it. They had realized the error of not going to an official site and we both publicly apologized. We addressed the problem and stated the solution. Other legit problems we also addressed as well as many misconceptions and discussions with folks with the lack of understanding of how much BS service employees deal with from customers every day. I do not believe the customer is always right and I refuse to be bullied or sabotaged by someone who has ulterior motives. The old saying 3 people hear about a good experience and 11 hear about a bad, is now 1100 hear about an alleged bad experience online and you better mange it as tactfully as possible. One guy said I couldn't take a bad review. I have no problem owning it and learning from it. We make sure to state the solution. One of the first comments was that you can manage your menu on Yelp. It wasn't Yelp and the page had no identifying marks. After more than 24 hours of fighting neighbors and folks who were just there to provoke the problem I left one last comment,

Folks this menu is not on Yelp. It was Googled. The page that came up when I googled q fanatic menu doesn't have anything attached to it to say who is hosting it. It is more than 2 years old. We have given our staff 2 dollar an hour raises since and meat prices went up. We do not post menus or allow anyone to for this reason!. The only place you can find our legit menu is on our site, which the social sites link to. The same goes for coupons. We can not afford to honor just anything that is posted on the internet. Please go to our site for official information. As you should for any company.

For those of you that were standing behind this gentleman, which no one was. I said, "I'm sorry sir that menu was not ours. Anybody can put things on the internet. We can't afford to honor that menu."

He didn't look very happy and I apologized again . I didn't mean to imply he did it, if that was how it was taken. We have people who actually harass us on the phone to honor these unofficial menus.

We usually give the total on the phone, but occasionally we are ringing up another customer so we hand write the order to keep things moving and can't get a total immediately. We will now give a customer the option to wait until we can get a total.

As far as some folks not liking our food or complaining, not everyone will like our versions or they have different expectations. That's OK. Post objective and respectful reviews. I do know the 3 to 11 rule and I will do my best not to let someone bully me for their entertainment. Not to say these folks did, but people do. There are folks on the internet who are not fair and objective. If someone gives us less than 3 they better say why. When I judge Bbq we are asked to note why we gave a low score. One person does have the ability to negatively influence many more than 11 people on the internet, so I expect that person to be respectful. We are not the best in the country and our food is not cookie cutter consistent. We cook fresh meats and ingredients everyday and those ingredients vary. We do our best to adjust and monitor the process. Yah, I make sure that I respond as respectfully as possible to make sure those 11 or 1100 people get our side of the story. I"m just trying to live the American dream and create jobs in the community.

Shortly after it was all gone, thank god!

We did use it to show the girls working at the front counter how many of the customer perceive their performance.

Ironically we had joined that group to try and get some better counter help.

There was a lot said in those 150 plus posts, only a dozen by me. I try to use these opportunities to highlight our ingredients and procedures. It usually ends up being a positive marketing opportunity. In the end I think we got more new customers than we lost. Try to turn lemons into lemonade.
The lessons are in the customer's criticism. They aren't always right. The rewards are their satisfaction.
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Harry Nutczak
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PostPosted: Mar 19 2016    Post subject: Reply with quote

I fully understand your disgust with this, and I most definitely would not honer that menu either.

I recently had a similar situation where someone printed our webpage menu, but some of the prices were omitted, the drunken beotch started making accusations of "false Advertising"

It was at this point I no longer stayed nice, and very firmly stated "Ma'Am, this is our price for that product, there is no negotiation, if you would like to order that product, the price is $xx.xx, take it or leave it.

Maybe I have finally lost my patience by dealing with these types of idiots, either way I just do not care anymore, this is what we have, this is our price, take it or leave it!

And one more thing, this is not burger king, you get it "Our Way" or you don't get the sumbitch! No discussion.
Just remember that the toes you may step on during your climb to the top will also be attached to the a$$es you'll be forced to kiss on your way back down!
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PostPosted: Mar 19 2016    Post subject: Reply with quote

If you do post a menu on your website, it would be an idea to always include a from and till date, and if you have specials, make sure they are date specific, if you do specials on Tuesdays, and a different one on Thursdays and don't want to mix and match, specify that specials are available only on their special day.

It's probably more than you wan to do, to change your date information on a monthly basis, but your could look at it quarterly, etc. Some website formats would allow a single line change to do this.
Here's a change Robert.

I still work here!
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Ridge View BBQ

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PostPosted: Mar 19 2016    Post subject: Reply with quote

I too had to confront an individual with what I considered an unrealistic Facebook 1 star,but in my case he did list what his complaint was about. Never had our food,never stepped foot in our restaurant and yet gave us a 1 star! Why,our hour's of operation when I replied to it and told him I didn't think it was a fair review he posted again and basically said he wasn't changing it and I was a ass. Well our Facebook fans took it to him when I shared his review on our page, one young lady even offered to buy his meal if he would try it and give an honest review. Apparently he declined and refused to reconsider his review, and yet I'm the ass naw don't think so.
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