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Pressure Canner/Canning - seeking advice/suggestions

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 10 13 10:34 pm    Post subject: Pressure Canner/Canning - seeking advice/suggestions Reply with quote

We are planning on canning this year , primarily tomatoes on the first go around.

First issue is that we have a glass top stove , I have read a few places people are using the same oven for canning , but , others suggest it isn't a good idea. As usual you can find any answer you want on the internet.

Second issue , I figured no problem I will just use a turkey fryer to heat the canner , but , I read all sorts of stories about how successful and how unsuccessful , people have been using a turkey fryer. Even a few stories about blowing up the pressure canner because of the excessive heat output of a turkey fryer.

I was thinking of getting the Presto 23 qt pressure canner...

Has anyone had any experience with the above issues or canner ?


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11 13 1:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Uh, oh... Rolling Eyes Laughing . Hopefully it will be civil this time Wink

N8DCJ - Is your glass top stove an induction type? If so, if the canner is compatible (certain metal types have to be used on induction cooktops) then you should be fine. Otherwise I don't know, but you will need some pretty high BTU's to get a big canner up to temp. As far as using a turkey fryer just keep the flame down to a reasonable level and IMO you'll be fine. Don't run the flame wide open as the relief valve won't be able to release enough pressure and it could explode.

If you're doing tomatoes, a trick I learned last year is to freeze the whole tomatoes and then run them under warm water (or just let them come to room temp in a colander) and the skin comes right off. I didn't notice any flavor difference and it was a lot easier than the boiling water then ice bath process.

Hope this gets you started. I'm sure many more will chime in with their ideas. Good luck!
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Basset Hound

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11 13 1:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have experience using that particular pressure cooker on a glass cooktop. I had several issues and figured out several solutions over the years. For reference, we had a Maytag 4 burner glass cooktop with the front right burner being a dual size. I used the front right burner on the large setting.

Issue 1 - Burner didn't create enough heat to build pressure

Solution - Leave off lid until water is creating visible steam than lock down the lid. That seemed to work really well and consistently.

Issue 2 - Burner didn't stay on and would cycle. My biggest peeve of canning on that cooktop.

Solution - Manually cycle the heat on and off as well as move the pot on and off of the burner. Don't know why that worked, just did. Still the worst problem I faced.

Issue 3 - Aluminum streaks on cooktop from pot.

Solution - Barkeepers Friend removed easily. The marks were really bad looking.

These were the biggest issues I faced. I often thought of using a turkey fryer or the side burner on a gas grill but learned to tough it out. Since we moved I have a gas stove and still have issues with the initial steam build until the pot get's hot. Good luck with your canning.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 11 13 9:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I canned some venison last year on my glass top stove. I bought an older All American pressure cooker and never knew that some people say not to use them on glass top. Long story short it worked fine for me. My cooker is a 16 quart unit. I know some people talk about not getting enough heat but the thing that suprised me was how LOW I had to keep my burner. Venision needs to cook at a higher PSI then some other things and everything I saw on youtube said leave your burner on med/med high. I turned mine on hight to get it hot and steaming. Once it vented and I screwed the lid down I kept the burner almost on the lowest setting to keep the presure from going too high.
The guy I bought the canner from always used the side burner on his grill.
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