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We're going live with our POS on Monday
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Harry Nutczak
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PostPosted: Aug 29 2012    Post subject: Reply with quote

Geronimo wrote:
Harry Nutczak wrote:
"Shortages in the cash drawer from any payment format will be deducted from pay"

That is illegal in MOST states... Shocked Shocked

Only if they did not agree to it under a condition of employment beforehand. It would be considered an "Unauthorized Deduction of wages" if not outlined and agreed to in their employment contract. If they do not agree, they are not hired.

My people sign that they are responsible for shortages in their drawer. It keeps them honest (to a point) and on their toes when collecting and making change. I do not know of a business where employees handle cash where they are not personally responsible.
Paltry amounts are not a huge issue with us, especially with the volume we do, but when there are hundreds of dollars unaccounted for in a single shift, there is a problem! And they are kept until the errors are found, and what they did wrong, and how to do it right from that point on. One cashier HAD long fingernails, and they kept hitting the wrong buttons and screwing everything up, so she got the "trim them, or find work elsewhere" talk with HD regulations shown to back it up.

Everyone is up to speed on the system now, I love it, and everyone understands why I had to do it, and life is easier all around now, especially in the accounting department, and no more grammar or format issues for the kitchen which helps things moving at a better pace through the whole operation.

With my "Star Micronics" printers that I chose, I can even have our logo print on each receipt, the thermal printer at the register even prints in 2-colors, how friggin sweet is that!! the paper cost is a little obnoxious for 2-color paper though, it uses different temperature ranges to determine color or black, way cool IMO!!
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