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Pulled Pork Tamales

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 31 10 7:21 am    Post subject: Pulled Pork Tamales Reply with quote

So as promised I used some of the pulled pork from last week to make up a mess of tamales today...

First step is to get your corn husks soaking... Try and pick husks that are uniform in size.. I didn't pick these up so there were severeal different sizes in the back making portioning a challenge.. When starting them don't try and seperate them just get them in some hot water and get them going..

Toss a plate and something heavy onto to hold them down.. I didn't get any pictures of them seperated as my hands were soaking wet.

This step should be done very early in the process ~2hours prior to starting jsut ot make it easier to work with them...

While those were soaking I took the left over PP and placed it in a pan added the reserved defatted liquid from the Butt Smoke, added in ~1c of Cherry Chipotle sauce and ~ 2-1/2c of Apple Cider, also added 1/4c or so of Ron's Hint of Houston.. Reheat the pork over low heat.. you dont want to boil it just extract some of the pork goodness into the stock...

Once the PP is warmed run through a colinder and drain off as much excess liquid as possible..

The Masa (4c Masa, 2tsp Baking Powder, 1tsp Salt, and 2TBSP Big Ron's Hint of Houston)
Whisk together in a large bowl..

Use your hands to mix in Lard... I used 1 1/3c Butter Flavored Crisco
You want it to be about the texture of play sand... Think making pie crust...

I transferred it to my Kitchen Aid to to make things easier... Once there I took ~2-1/2c of the cooking liquid I had saved from the original smoking and mixed it with 2 cups of Apple Cider.. Total liquid was about 4c the dough was just a little loose so 3-1/2 - 3-3/4c would have been better.

Now that your Masa is made, the husks are workable, and the pork is warm its time to start assembly... Now would be a good time to get your steamer heating up.. you want as much water in there as you can get w/o touching the tamales.

I did 2 kinds plain PP and PP with some Green Chili's

Once you have enough rolled for the 1st batch place them upright in the steamer.. Try and leave yourself a small hole so that you can add water throughout the cook.. Takes about an hour and a half to 2 hours for them to get cooked... You want the masa to pull easily away from the husk as you unroll it...

Once they are cooked remove to a plate and cover with a towel.. you could store them in a towel lined cooler if you are a bit away from dinner and them just pop them back in the steam for 10-15min to reheat just prior to serving.

The finished product with a little homemade Chili sauce... 2 Green Chilil's, 3 Chipotles, 1Tbsp of Adoboe Sauce, 2tsp Garlic, 1/3c Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 can Fireroasted tomatoes... Puree in blender or food processor until smooth...

I forgot the most important and expensive pic of the series....

This is what happens to a $85 steamer when you run it dry...
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