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Restaurant review – Dixie Bones Barbeque, Woodbridge, VA

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Joined: 06 Sep 2005
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Location: Springfield.VA

PostPosted: Tue May 23 06 1:33 am    Post subject: Restaurant review – Dixie Bones Barbeque, Woodbridge, VA Reply with quote

Dixie Bones is a small one-off true, “BBQ joint” like one finds in the south and west. A homey, non-pretentious attitude with a comfortable feel. Linoleum counter & table tops couple with a true southern style service. They do a brisk carryout business right at the front door as well as dine-in so don’t be discouraged if you drive up and see a line out the door, most likely it’s for carry out.

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and were seated promptly. We ordered some sample platters and sides, sat back and watched, the staff was jumpin’! Our order arrived timely, correctly, and with the hot items hot and the cold items cold. In this day and age, that alone is cause for celebration.

Our food was served sans sauce (another good thing) and there were 4 sauces to choose from on the table in diner style syrup pitchers. The first was a mild sweet red sauce; the second, a sweeter hot red sauce, almost asian; the third was a mayonnaise based white sauce which was a little disturbing to see left out at room temperature all day. We declined to try that one. Last was a vinegar based red carolina style sauce which was surprising in it’s sweetness, I guess they like their sugar at Dixie Bones, I would have liked to seen a more acidic offering such as a western style red or an eastern Carolina vinegar hot.

We tried 4 meats; Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Ribs, and pulled chicken. Sides were coleslaw, baked beans, home fries, and corn bread.

Ribs: The ribs were our #1 choice. They were St.Louis style ribs that had been brushed with the Sweet red sauce, but they weren’t swimming in it. Dixie Bones removes the back membrane. The ribs had a good pork flavor but were slightly lacking in smokiness with the sauce providing all the spice flavor, there was no sign of a rub. They were very slightly overcooked as is the bain of all service restaurants that cook and hold ribs. I’d love to try a rack just out of the smoker.

Pulled Pork: The pork was average. There was no rub or spice infusion, or even a hint of salt and no smoke flavor what so ever. It was plain and simple pork. Sauce was needed to add flavor. In addition the pork was slightly dry.

Beef Brisket: The beef was chopped and shredded including bits of both point and flat. While it had good beef flavor, we all found the beef to be greasy and mushy. The beef suffered from the same lack of any smoke flavor as the pork.

Dry, smokeless and bland. The worst of the meats.

The sides:

The beans - obviously home made; good flavor and texture. The first item that wasn’t over sweet. A little pork or bacon would improve these greatly.

The fries – Home style sliced potatos coated and fried. If you’re lucky enough to get these right out of the fryer, eat them first. Great hot and crispy, they tend to get soggy and greasy very quickly.

The coleslaw – Bleh – tasted right out of the restaurant supply house bucket. Avoid.

The cornbread
– Overly sweet and gummy. Opt for the rolls.

Overall: A cut above the chains such as Famous Dave’s, on a par or slightly ahead of Red Hot and Blue. Go for the ribs and enjoy the service and atmosphere. A decent value for the money.

Rating: Service: Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Food: Very Happy Very Happy Price: $$$ Overall: Very Happy Very Happy 1/2

Dixie Bones
13440 Occoquan Road
Woodbridge, Virginia 22191


Very Happy - Dreck – Avoid.
Very Happy Very Happy - Average – quick bite
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy - Good – Good enough for a casual date, or the inlaws
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy - Very Good – Repeat visits necessary, serious date inpression fodder, take your parents there.
Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy - Homer Simpson drool good! I’d live there but they keep throwing me out.

$ - I can eat there for the change I find under my car seats. $3 – $6 per entrée.
$$ - Folding money required. $6 - $10 per entrée
$$$- Hey, you’re sitting down and being served on real china with silverwear. $10-$20 per entrée.
$$$$- ATM stop required. $20-$35 per entrée.
$$$$$ - Break out the Benjamins. This better be worth it! $35-$75 per entrée.
$$$$$$ - Michael Jackson and Bill Gates feel the pinch here. Credit applications available at the door. $75 and up per entree
Real Barbecue gives you time to get drunk after putting it in the smoker and sober up before taking it out!

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BBQ Super Pro

Joined: 24 Jun 2005
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Location: Lake Ridge, VA

PostPosted: Tue May 23 06 3:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

It is funny, we are probably 5 minutes from "the Bones" as our families call Dixie Bones and we are likely what you would call regulars. While we do not go there as often as we used to (like when my wife was pregnant with our 6 year old it was sometimes twice a week),.........when our schedules do not give me the time to make my own que it is my go to place. Lol......we were in there Friday night and I had some great ribs (good smoke flavor) with fries (as good as he said) and the homemade mac and cheese(my favorite side).

First, I have to agree with Slam Dunk 100% on the service.........it is truly phenomenal. Some of the waitresses are the same ones who have been serving us since we moved here 10 years ago. I think it also helps that Nelson (the owner) is there almost every time I go in there.

I also have to agree that I am not a fan of the cole slaw............I much prefer the other sides. Then again, I am a true fries and mac and cheese guy. I also think the potato salad has too much mayo in it for me......and I prefer the roll over the cornbread myself.

I actually cannot talk to the chicken and beef...........while I have eaten it at their Sunday brunch buffet, I am much more a pork and rib man. If I am going to spend my money at a restaurant, it is likely going to be on my favorites, lol. I know my wife loves the loaded chicken potato, but I frankly don't think she has as refined a bbq palate as my 6 year old does.

I am a fan of the pork and ribs. I am a little surprised on the lack of smoke flavor you got with them as that is something I have always enjoyed with their ribs.

As for the pork, I have tended to really like it. I have on occasion had some dry pork though. I would agree that the smoke taste in the pork is light, but I think I tend to like that.

Oh yeah.....if any of you make it to the Bones...you have to try their chocolate cream pie....it IS to die for.

Anyways....glad you enjoyed it...........it is a great little place that we have enjoyed many meals.
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