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GREAT Baby Back rib recipe!!

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Joined: 08 May 2008
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PostPosted: May 24 2008    Post subject: GREAT Baby Back rib recipe!! Reply with quote

I am not one to type long emails...I do too much typing at work...Also, I am new to the world of "smoking"; This is my first recipe post on the smokering.com. All that being said, I smoked some BB ribs yesterday that turned out fantastic and I thought I should share the recipe. I copied the dry rub from someone off of here (forums) and I wish I could find who it was to give them Kudos! Here are the recipes and procedure I used...

Two full racks of BB Ribs...
temp. anywhere between 225-250 degrees.
used Jack Daniels wood chips (guaranteed to be old JD barrels) I know they are at Bass Pro Shop in Toronto, for us Canadians. Walmart in the US, I believe.
I put a round tin foil type container in the smoker with bottled water in it to add moisture to the chamber.

2 TBSP coarse salt ( TOO MUCH...use 1 TBSP)
1 and a half TBSP brown sugar
1 TSPN lemon pepper
1 TSPN ground black pepper
1 TSPN cayenne pepper (crank it up to your taste level as you see fit)
1 TSPN chili powder
1 TSPN garlic powder
half TSPN ground Cinnamon

Remove membrane from back of ribs.
slather the ribs with mustard (any kind, in this case I used plain French's yellow mustard)
rub and pat the dry rub onto the ribs (massage it in)
soak wood chips in warm water.
Heat smoker chamber to 225-250 degrees
tin foil container full of bottled water into the smoke chamber for moisture.
Place ribs in smoke chamber bone side down.

BBQ SAUCE/MOP ( this recipe came from my buddy "Gino" so thanks goes to him)

1 and a half cups Ketchup
1 quater cup of white vinegar
half TSPN garlic
4 TBSP's of brown sugar
1 TBSP molasses
2 TBSP real lemon juice
half TSPN liquid smoke
one eighth TSPN powdered sage
quater TSPN paprika
half TSPN chili powder
half TSPN oregano
half TSPN basil
half TSPN thyme
quater TSPN celery salt
half TSPN nutmeg
fresh cracked pepper from a pepper mill (add as much as you like)

Place the ketchup and vinegar and a pot and bring to a boil over medium heat. Lower to simmer and add the remaining ingredients. Reduce it down for about an hour, the sauce will thicken and deepen in colour. Finally, you can add more cayenne and tobasco as you see fit. I put alittle of both in mine and it turned out great!

3 hours smoked with just the mustard and dry rub
After the 3 hours, give the ribs a generous coating of the BBQ Sauce/Mop. Wrap the ribs in tin foil and place them back inside the smoke chamber.

2 hours cooked while wrapped in foil. After the first hour, I opened the tin foil slightly and added a SMALL amount of the water that was heated up in the tin foil cup I had placed in the chamber for moisture. I then closed the foil back up and let the ribs cook, wrapped, for the remaining hour.

Once the two hours in foil was complete, I unwrapped the ribs, added a light layer of BBQ Sauce/Mop, added some fresh cracked pepper directly on top of the ribs and then placed them onto direct heat. I did this too get a little bit of crisp bark on them. It was by no means and hour, so the 3-2-1 method for me was actually the 3-2-"watch carefully over direct heat" method. It was about ten mins with a few flips here and there...but watch them carefully! You don't want to burn your wonderful creation!!

As I cooked them, I made sure to rotate the racks each hour so that they both had equal time on the "hot side" of the grill. I added the Jack Daniel's moist wood chips every hour.

I transferred the ribs to a large cutting board and put a loose covering of foil over them. I allowed them to rest for about 10-12 mins.

The finished product was outstanding...the meat was not "fall of the bone" but damn close! The rib racks were intact, nice looking, and the meat came away from the bone with ease. The smoke ring was visible and the moisture was incredible! My father-in law LOVED them (so did I for that matter!).

Sorry no pics...I'm a newbee on here and I am not that computer talented yet!

If you use this recipe of any part of it, send me a note to tell me what you thought of the finished product...I'd be happy to know if someone else enjoyed these as much as I did! Comments, critism and suggestions to make this better would be great too!


PS: LOVE this site!!!!
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Mike Lawry
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PostPosted: May 25 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yet another success story from here.

Good job.

Mike Lawry.
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PostPosted: May 27 2008    Post subject: Reply with quote

yo mike i loved ya in bad boy's lol j/j... congratz on the ribs man, i am going to give your sauce a spot on my to do list
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