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KC Masterpiece Restaurant

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Joined: 09 Jul 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 08 06 2:59 am    Post subject: KC Masterpiece Restaurant Reply with quote

I had a doctors appointment during the lunch hour, so I figured I'd just pick something up on the way back to work. I decided on KC Masterpiece after thinking about it a couple minutes because I realized I hadn't actually eaten at KC Masterpiece in 7 years so I decide I'll give them another go. As a kid, I LOVED KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, this was pre-Clorox days. As an adult I fell out of favor with it. I'm not sure if it is my tastes that changed, the recipe, or just myself tiring of an ultra-sweet dark and sticky sauce.

I get seated and the waitress takes my drink order and asks if I'd like some Onion Straws as an appetizer, which I agreed to. I ordered the combo plate which came with burnt ends, pulled pork, turkey and 2 sides. I chose baked beans and potato salad for the sides.

The onion straws came out, and they were really good. I was trying to identify what seasonings they were putting in the batter. I think it's onion powder, but why in the world would you season onion straws with onion powder? At any rate, they were really good and I was hoping my food got there soon before I filled up on onion straws.

When my plate came out, I started with a chunk of burnt end that had no sauce on it. They looked like small cubed steak with some dark sprinkles on it as opposed to the kind of burnt ends I'm accustomed to. I pop it in my mouth and take a bite and am assaulted by this odd and unpleasant flavor. It was on the outside as if perhaps what they sprinkled on had burned or something. I decide to try something else and come back to the burnt ends later, perhaps I got a bad one or something.

I then try the turkey, it is a small pile of sliced turkey breast with a little pool of sauce on top. I get a piece with no sauce to sample the meat. It was a good tender, juicy falvorful turkey with maybe a kiss of smoke flavor, but I SWEAR it was liquid smoke, and just the tiniest hint of it. It's good for turkey though, just not good BBQ turkey.

So I move on to the pulled pork. It was nothing more than pork roasted in an oven until it was tender enough to pull. There was NO smoke flavor at all. It tasted exactly like the pork from the carnitas platter at a mexican joint 'round here called Dos Reales. That mexican place has good pork, and this was good pork too, but it tasted like it was just cooked pork. They added some sauce so I had that flavor added, but the pork was so plain, and I just couldn't get excited about it at all. It was cooked perfectly though in terms of tenderness and juiciness.

With that I decide to try another burnt end. The same nasty taste hits me again and I'm determined to figure this one out because it is somewhat familiar. I chew and let my sinuses fill with air so I can really get a good taste and smell of it. This time I figure it our real quick. Burnt paper. No kidding. Not newspaper, and not the funnly little papers people make funny little cigarettes with, but the plain white kind of paper you find in an office supply cabinet. Once I figure it out it's all I can taste at that point. All I can think about is why in the world would the taste of burnt paper be in my burnt ends? There is no wood smoke flavor to be found in the meat at all, but it is coated in a layer of this burnt paper flavor. The best I can figure is someone in the kitchen was being an idiot. Either that or they have decided to use paper for smoke flavoring. It is nasty, I can't eat any more of the burnt ends.

I try the beans, and they are allright. Nothing special, in fact they are probably only average, or even a bit below average. I eat about half of the beans while I sample a bit more of the turkey and pork to see if it makes the lunch better. The turkey was good, but the pork was still just too darn plain.

I wasn't too excited about the potato salad. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. It wasn't as good as the beans. So the best thing on the combo plate was the beans.

The lady offered me a to go box because she saw I wan't eating very much. I sampled one more bite of everything to see what I would take with me. I only packed up the onion straws.

I normally would not post a bad review of a restaurant, but the whole burnt paper thing had to get out there. That is just wrong! Evil or Very Mad
--Chris Baker
--Mad BBQ Scientist
--When my lab fills with smoke, that means it's working!
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BBQ Super Pro

Joined: 24 Jun 2005
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Location: Lake Ridge, VA

PostPosted: Mon Apr 10 06 7:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

ouch............that just sounds painful
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Joined: 26 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 13 06 10:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

just seen them on the food network..
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Joined: 06 Jan 2006
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Location: mn

PostPosted: Thu Apr 13 06 11:22 pm    Post subject: What Reply with quote

Well, we try and try and we can't ever really match what we do in the back yard. Can't be done. That'll teach ya, even expecting to get good Q in a restaurant that serves a lot of people. Run em' in and run em' out.
Now how do you think they could do Q as good as you doing it that way?
Burnt paper? You have NO idea who is back there cooking and how many times they wipe their nose and pick their butt without washing their hands.
Sound good?
Whew, where's the aspirin? I hope they see your review and my post.
As a matter of fact, I'll make sure they see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, abnd I'll make sure I NEVER go there or anyone else i know does either.
Glad I got that off my chest.
Did ya like the part about the butt scratching?????
Smoke On!!!!
Smoke On!!!!!!
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BBQ Super Pro

Joined: 09 Jul 2005
Posts: 1529
Location: Overland Park, KS

PostPosted: Thu Apr 13 06 11:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not trying to hammer them or nothing. Like I said, I liked the sauce as a kid and thought I'd give the restaurant another whirl. I rarely expect restaurant Q to even approach what I can do in the backyard. There are VERY FEW restaurants that can even come close, and KC Masterpiece has never been one of them. The burnt paper was just seriously wrong, that's why I posted it. I actually cam back to delete this post because I figured who am I to bash some restaurant because of one bad plate, but by then people had replied so it is stuck out here forever.

Having said that, I think I should explain a bit more about why I posted it in the first place, besides the burnt paper thing of course, especially since I'm probably going to have to stand by this review from now on... (stepping on soapbox)

Any restaurant that puts KC in their name better be good, because people are going to attach the image of Kansas City BBQ to that name, and Kansas City has some of the best Q restaurants in the world, and is the BBQ capital of the world. That's right, I said it. No other place can touch the diversity or quantity of BBQ here in KC.

If a BBQ restaurant, especially one with KC in its name, serves cubed steak as burnt ends, then they are an abomination in my opinion, but I am one man and not a professional food critic, nor a professional in the food industry. That is just my opinion. Cubed steak is not burnt ends.

Secondly, if a BBQ restaurant, especially one with KC in its name, serves food it claims to be BBQ, and one taste can easily distinguish that no smoke was used in the production of the product outside of maybe some liquid smoke, then it is an abomination. Again, my opinion. It doesn't have to be the best I have ever eaten, but there are many subpar joints around that I can go to that at least serve real BBQ. It may not be that good, but it is miles closer to BBQ than what I had that day at KC Masterpiece. I can go to TGI Fridays or Applebees for crappy boiled or roasted meat that has been coated in some kind of sauce, but it's not BBQ, and people don't normally attach the concept of BBQ with those places. They do attach BBQ with KC Masterpiece however, so this is a disservice to BBQ in America and the world. Again, my opinion.

I feel sorry to a degree for some of the things that have happened to this establishment. The creator had a great sauce with a great vision, and he made himself very successful. The restaurant has had many ups and downs, mostly downs to a guy who doesn't deserve the downs. However, I can't justify allowing this place to be called BBQ, or associated with Kansas City BBQ for that matter with the product that is being served from there, whether he's an upstanding guy or not. It's not right, any of it.
--Chris Baker
--Mad BBQ Scientist
--When my lab fills with smoke, that means it's working!
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Joined: 04 May 2006
Posts: 4
Location: Lawrence, KS

PostPosted: Thu May 04 06 10:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I've been to the KC Masterpiece joint a couple of times. I wouldn't call KC Masterpiece a "real" BBQ joint, even though the times I went there I didn't have as bad of an experience as WooDoggy described.

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